XTANDI Network Specialty Pharmacies

The following specialty pharmacies are part of the XTANDI Specialty Pharmacy Network:

Phone Number
Fax Number
P: 1-800-511-5144
F: 1-877-541-1503
P: 1-888-608-9010
F: 1-888-302-1028
Advanced Care Scripts (ACS) Specialty Pharmacy
P: 1-866-681-7131
F: 1-866-679-7131
AllianceRx Walgreens Prime
P: 1-855-244-2555
F: 1-844-343-3504
Amber Specialty Pharmacy
Doing Business As: Amber Pharmacy
P: 1-888-370-1724
F: 1-402-896-3774
Amber Specialty Pharmacy
Doing Business As: Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions
P: 1-877-794-9833
F: 1-402-861-4941
Avella Specialty Pharmacy
P: 1-877-546-5779
F: 1-877-546-5780
P: 1-800-850-4306
F: 1-800-823-4506
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
P: 1-888-292-0744
F: 1-800-269-5493
CVS Specialty
P: 1-800-237-2767
F: 1-800-323-2445
Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy
P: 1-877-977-9118
F: 1-800-550-6272
Humana Pharmacy
P: 1-800-486-2668
F: 1-877-405-7940
Kroger Specialty Pharmacy
P: 1-888-315-3395
F: 1-888-315-3270
P: 1-877-662-6633
F: 1-877-662-6355
P: 1-855-427-4682
F: 1-877-342-4596
US Bioservices
P: 1-877-757-0667
F: 1-888-418-7246
Specialty Pharmacies for Puerto Rico
Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Puerto Rico
P: 1-787-780-7200
Special Care Pharmacy Services
P: 1-787-783-8579
F: 1-787-783-2951
SPS Specialty Pharmacy Services
P: 1-787-704-2025
F: 1-787-704-2027

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